Are Laser Sights Legal To Put On AR-15?

As AR-15 rifles get more and more popular, people have started adding accessories to them to make them more versatile. Tripods, Sights, Flashlights, and even Laser sights are turning AR-15 rifles into more than just a typical gun.

When modifying your weapon, it is always best to follow the law so that your gun stays compliant and you run no risk of having it seized, or even worse trouble with the law. I always get asked if it is legal to have my laser attached to my AR-15, so I thought I would make this article for anyone else who doesn’t know.

Are laser sights legal to put on your AR-15? Yes, it is legal to put a laser sight on your AR-15 and it will still be legal. You are allowed to put laser sights and a laser dot scope on your gun and still be in compliance with federal law.

Laser sights will help with your accuracy and will help the shooter get the AR-15 to the target faster while allowing faster follow-up between shots. This is extremely good when there are low light situations.

Can You See Laser Sights In The Daylight?

Lasers do work in the daylight, but will not be as bright as when shining them at night. The best color to use during the day is green, and can be seen from the farthest away in the daylight. While red will show up, you will lose some of the brightness because of the sun.

If you have a sight that has a green or red dot, you should have no problems with either green or red because the light will be encased in the sight. This will be your best bet if you plan to use lasers primarily in the day for target shooting. When using laser sights in the day, you will almost always see only the dot, and not the actual laser like you might in the dark, or fog.

Are Laser Sights Accurate?

Yes, laser sights can be extremely accurate when used properly. Typically, you will mount a laser sight under the barrel of the rife, and a dot sight will go on top of the rifle where your normal sites are.

These mountings are going to give you precision targeting, and as long as you do not jerk when you pull the trigger, your gun will fire very closely to the dot that you painted. Unless something is extremely wrong with the barrel of your rifle, a laser sight or laser dot scope will be accurate enough to hit where you are aiming on the target.

Does Green Or Red Laser Color Matter

Honestly, no, the color laser you choose to use is not really going to make a difference when shooting. It really is the personal preference of the shooter as to what color they like the most. Green is a better color for daylight shooting, but you still can see red as well.

Choose the sight that looks the best to you, and the color that you like the most when spending that much money, it is not going to affect the accuracy of your gun at all in most cases. If you do have a hard time seeing the laser, I would probably choose green, or a different sight all together.

Is It Legal To Point A Laser Sight At Someone?

This question is hard to answer because of how the laws are worded and work. Technically, it is not illegal to shine a laser at a person, however, it is illegal to harm someone or harass someone.

So, while shining a laser at someone is not against the law, if they call the authorities, and say you are harassing or you hurt them by shining it in their eyes, you can and most likely will be detained by them, and possible worse, going to jail.

There is a law that states you cannot shine a laser at an airplane in the sky, so I would just not play around with it at all. These lasers are to put on weapons, and are not a toy, so please be respectful, and not treat them like one.

Does The Military Use Laser Sights?

Yes, the military does use lasers, but probably not how you think. While some branches of the military do allow their people to put laser sights on their weapons, it is not standard issue for everyone to have them.

Most of the time, when a laser is mounted to a weapon, it is for painting a target to be tracked for missiles or jets. You will most likely not see a laser site on infantry weapons.

Is There A Light and Laser Combo?

Yes! You can buy a light and laser combo to attach to your AR-15, and they are actually quite popular. They vary in price, but you can usually get a light/laser combo for around $150 dollars, and they go up from that depending on your budget.

Keep in mind that it will be a little bulky having both a sight and a flashlight on your gun, so be aware of that. The combo might also stick on on either side of your gun, so if you want a nice clean look, you might want to shop around. If you are just going out to the range and home protection, this will probably not be a problem for you.

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Final Thoughts

Laser sights and dot sights are great for AR-15 rifles, or any gun for that matter. They help get to your target faster, and help you stay on the target after you fire, so they are really great for anyone that is just getting into shooting, and has the money.

Be careful not to use these devices as toys, while there is no legislation against pointing them at people, it is harassment, and you can get in trouble, especially if you point it into peoples eyes. For the price point, this is a great addition to your AR-15 that I think you will absolutely love.