Solo Camping: Can I Go Camping Alone?

Camping can be relaxing, fun, and a really great adventure for family, and individuals who just want to get out and see nature. While camping is normally considered a thing to do with friends and family, what if you want to get out and just go on a weekend fishing trip, or just want to get away from your everyday life. We want to answer the question that a lot of people actually ask, and see if we can give you some tips and tricks on how to enjoy camping alone, and what to watch out for.

Can I go camping alone? People can camp alone and , and still have a fun and relaxing time by themselves, and still be very safe. Camping alone is typically called SOLO Camping, and is a good way to disconnect from your normal routine even if you have to go by yourself. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to be more vigilant in looking for dangers when you are by yourself. Some people actually prefer to be out in the forest by themselves because they find it more relaxing and calming than if they were a large group. No matter what anyone says, camping is an activity that is great for everyone no matter who you go with.

Is Camping Alone Safe?

Safety is always a big concern when you are camping because you are in a place that is usually home to insects, snakes, animals, and plants that can harm you. You need to take extra caution when you are out hiking, fishing, or doing any activity by yourself because no one is watching out for you. Even though there are dangers out in the wilderness, your camping can be very safe when you are by yourself. As long as you know that you have to be more sensitive to your surroundings and keep a more watchful eye, then you should be completely safe.

How Do You Stay Safe When Camping Alone?

While it is safe to camp by yourself, there are a few things you can bring, or do in order to make it even safer for you. Here are a few ideas of what you can do in order to stay safe while you are camping alone.
Don’t Leave Camp After Dark – This might seem like a good idea, but it is best to stay close to your camp after dark because there are a lot of animals out there that are nocturnal. Stay close to the fire, or your tent in case you need to take shelter.

  • Camp Close To The Bathroom Or Camp Host – If you want to feel an added layer of security, you can camp near the bathroom so you have a sturdy shelter and a place you can lock, which also will have lights on all night. You can also camp near the host site, which will be a safe place for you to go if you need help.
  • Bring Pepper Spray Or a Horn – There may be a time when you need to either have pepper spray or a horn to alert other people that you need help. Always carry a whistle, air horn, or pepper spray (bear spray works too), just for peace of mind when you are camping by yourself.
  • Know Your Surroundings – When you first arrive at camp, take a drive around the campground and check out other campers, say hi, and look for things that might seem like they could be trouble. If you see bear or snake signs, or other rowdy campers, this will be a good indication you may want to camp further away from them, or close to other people that might have campers or can help.
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Just these few simple tricks can save your life. While you might not ever have to call for help, or use pepper spray, it will help calm your nerves and make for a more enjoyable trip for you.

How Can I Enjoy Camping Alone?

When you think of camping, you probably think of games, puzzles, or talking around a campfire, but there is a lot of stuff for you to do out by yourself. Go for a hike and see the animals and birds that are there. You can go fishing, or swimming at the lake if you are near one, or even just go for a walk around the campground to meet people. If you would rather stay to yourself, you can read a book, bring music, or even bring a portable tv with you. You can do a puzzle, cook food, and even play a game of solitaire by yourself. Camping is about how you want to have fun, and there is so much out there to take in if you just look.

What Do I need For A Solo Camping Trip?

If you are going to go out camping, there is a few must need items for you to bring since you are not relying on anyone else. here is a brief list of the essentials you will want to bring with you:

  • Tent or Trailer
  • Sleeping Bags or Blankets
  • Food, enough for the whole trip
  • Ice Chest
  • Cooking utensils
  • Pillows
  • First Aid Kit
  • Knife
  • Fire Starting Tools
  • Wood for a fire

If you have all of these items, you should have no issues having a great time camping, and there should be no reason you have to leave early.

What Should I Avoid When Camping Alone?

There are things that you should avoid while camping, especially if you are alone. Never wander into caves that you do not know, as there could be bats, bears, or other wildlife sleeping or hiding in it. You will want to stay away from plants that you don’t recognize, as it could be poison oak, or something worse.

Try to stay away from high cliffs, or rocks if you are not experienced as you could slip and fall. Never try to walk up to, or feed any wildlife. They are wild animals and even if they seem tame and timid, they could get scared and either attack or hurt you when running away. Use common sense when you are out in nature, and you should be just fine.

Should I Sleep In My Locked Car?

There is no reason to sleep in your car unless something scares you to the point of not wanting to sleep outside. While car camping is a popular thing to do, there should be no reason to do it for safety concerns. If you do feel like you are in danger, find some other campers to help.

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If you want the extra security of just not being outdoors, go ahead and sleep in your car if it makes you feel more comfortable. Do not keep food in your car, as bears have been known to break windows and open car doors to get into them. Sleep wherever you feel comfortable.

Is Camping Alone Weird?

Camping alone is NOT weird! Camping alone is a way to get out and see nature by yourself, and to relax. While you might hear that camping is a family and friends activity, it is completely normal to go out by yourself. Go camping for you, and for your reasons and don’t listen to anyone else. Camping should be a thing you do for your own reasons and not for someone else. I love getting out into nature by myself sometimes because it is so quiet and peaceful, and you are on your own schedule, and get to do whatever I want.

Final Thoughts

Camping alone can be a fun time for you to get out and relax, and have fun fishing and whatever you want. The main thing to think about, but not stress about is being more sensitive to your surroundings and all the different wildlife and plants that might be harmful. Check your surroundings for other campers that might be good or bad, so that if you do need help, you have someone to go to. There is almost always a camp host that you can go to for any help with anything you need. Camping alone is supposed to be an awesome experience, so never feel like it is wrong in any way.