How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Cabin?

When you want to take your family on a vacation, and dont want to tent camp, the next best thing is to rent a cabin. Cabins can be a lot of fun and come with a lot of perks because it is like having a house in the woods, or on a lake. They will have queen or even king size beds and almost all cabins come with tv’s in them now so you can sit and watch movies at night. The big question most people like me have is how much does it actually cost, and can I afford it.

On average, a single bedroom cabin will run you around $150 to $175 dollars per night. These one bedroom cabins will normally have enough room for 4 people comfortably, with a single bed and a pull out couch. A two bedroom cabin that will fit 6-8 people will run you around $250 to $300 dollars a night, with two bedrooms and a pull out couch. Cleaning fees run on average of $50 to $100 per visit (not per night).

Time Of Year

When you are thinking of renting a cabin and what it might cost you, one of the biggest factors you will run into is what time of year you are wanting to go. There is something called “Peak” or on season, and “Off Peak” which is the camping off season, and that usually starts in October/November, and runs all the way through May.

Peak season is going to be the most expensive because everyone is wanting to get out on the water and camp with their families. Christmas can also be a busy time of year if you are staying in a cabin near a ski resort. The first thing to do is figure out when you want to go and find out what time of the season it is in.

Cabin Locations

The location of the cabin is going to be something that can drive price up. Is it close to the lake, or river? Do you have to walk or drive to the water or attractions around the cabin? If you have to get in your car and drive, or its a 10-15 minute walk to whatever you are wanting to do.

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The price will be less than if you can open your cabin door and walk down to the water. If you do not mind a small hike or a quick drive you will be able to save a lot more money. If you need to be right near the water or attraction you are visiting, be prepared to pay quite a bit more, even double sometimes.

How Long Are You Staying

Some cabins will give you a break the longer you rent the cabin out. Some cabins will give you a night for free if you rent for five days or more, and some might waive the cleaning fee if you stay long enough. Be careful though, if you try to rent a cabin for just a Friday, or just a Saturday, you might have to rent it for the whole weekend. Some cabins will not want to lose out on weekend money, so they may make you pay. It never hurts to barder with people, especially if you are renting a cabin through private party.

Family Time

If you can get a big enough group to go with you, there might be a way for you to offset a more expensive cabin. Let’s say you want to rent a three bedroom cabin and its $300 dollars per night. If you have three different sets of adults rent it with you, then you are only paying $33 dollars per night, per person, so it can take some of the money stress off of you. Try to find groups of people that want to go with you, and you can also find a nicer cabin closer to all the attractions and amenities that you want, and more than likely, a much nicer place.

Final Thoughts

I have rented several cabins for myself and family, and have found that the more populated the place, the more the cabin rental is. When we stay at a private campground with amenities like pools, recreation rooms, and have things like WIFI internet, the more expensive the cabins are.

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When you stay in locations that are more desolate, and do not have things like tv and internet, the cheaper they are. It all depends on where you want to camp, and what amenities you want to have, AND how close to things you want to be. Sharing a cabin with family is the best way to go because you can spread out the cost over 2-4 families. Just make sure you all get along!

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Do Cabin Rentals Come With Bedding

Cabins in general will almost always come with bedding for each bedroom that gets rented. This will include sheets, pillow cases, and at least one or two blankets for each bed. There will usually be 2-4 towels included for showers as well. If you are renting a cabin with a pull out coach, ask the renters if it will come with bedding as most will not unless asked for.

Do Do You Have To Bring Kitchen Stuff To A Cabin

Typically, rented cabins will come with pots, pans, cooking utensils and at least 2-4 sets of dishes to eat off of. You should not have to bring any cookware with you unless it is stated in the rental agreement or advertisement.

Do Cabins Have Cable And Internet

Most cabins will come with at least one tv in the living room, and some will even have one in the bedroom. Only cabins that are in a camp “park” will have wifi depending on how far out into the wilderness you go. If you are renting a cabin in a private park, you are more likely to have internet than if you rented a single cabin out in the woods. Check the location and ask the renter before you assume there will be internet and tv for you and the family.

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