Recommended Gear

When it comes to having gear in your fishing arsenal, I have tried a ton of different stuff over the years. I have tested different rods, reels, lures, lines, and more and have put my favorites up here for you to check out in the hopes that I can help you decide what might be helpful to add to your tackle box. If there is one thing I am not, its RICH, so even though I do own, or have tried some of the high-end equipment out there on the market, I might not always promote it just because of the name. If I recommend something to you, its because I have tested it myself and have found it to be worth sharing!

It is very important to me that if you feel like you want to check out something I think is great, it works, and works well. Nothing is worse than having a friend tell me about something just because they heard the name was good, only to find out it was junk and way overpriced. If you are hours away from your house, or a store and your fishing rod breaks, or your reel stops working, I feel responsible for that if I helped you decide on buying it.

I am always adding things to my collection (or too much to my collection if you are my wife), so I will continue to update these pages if I feel that something is better than what I had previously recommended, and if you find something new you would like me to try, I would love to hear from you, so I can try it out for myself and get it on here if its deemed worthy.

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I will say one thing, and that like most things in this world, the old saying “You get what you pay for” works in both directions. What I mean by that is, just because something is super cheap, doesn’t mean it’s going to hold up to you caring it up and down trails and dropping it off a rock. It also means that just because your buddy heard that this $1000 dollar fishing rod is the top of the line, doesn’t mean its actually worth that much, and you could get the same enjoyment out of a $200 rod, and had a few extra bucks left over for dinner and a movie. One last thing to remember is that things aren’t meant to last forever, so while I do like a great yard sale, please do some research before you buy something used, and make sure you really check and look for wear and tear before you buy it.