Recommended Fishing Tools

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It is no secret that every angler will need to have some tools in their tackle box, but what should you actually bring with you in case something goes wrong? There are few tools out there that I always take with me when fishing, and I cant tell you how much these have saved a fishing trip for me. I try to find a few tools that will do different jobs, so I don’t have to carry a whole toolbox with me when I go. Since most tackle boxes have limited space, I try to save as much room for the tackle as I can.

Here are five tools I absolutely love and recommend that everyone has in their box:

A knife is the number one thing I remember to bring with me always. I love Kershaw knives and am loving the Kershaw Blur Pocket Knife. It fits great in my hand, and can easily be opened one-handed. It is extremely sharp and has a clip for you to wear it in your pocket in case you don’t want to keep it in your tackle box. It is slim and not bulky at all so you will hardly even know it is on you. A knife can come in handy for all sorts of situations and is the number one tool in my book for fishing.


Having a great set of pliers can make or break a fishing trip if something goes wrong. The T-REIGN ProSheath from Amazon has been my go-to tool for fishing since I bought it. Here are a few features that set this tool apart from others:

  • Rubber handle in case your hands get wet.
  • Two different belt attachments if you want to wear it, and a heavy-duty nylon sheath.
  • Corrosion-resistant metal, so it will never rust.
  • Replaceable carbide cutters for braid.

This tool is hands down a lifesaver, especially with the replaceable braid cutters. It also is backed with a 5-year warranty and is one of the most valuable tools in my box.


Clamps are great for getting the hooks out of fish when they have either smallmouth or have swallowed the hook. Since getting the Dr. Slick Scissor Clamps, I have saved more fish than I would have lost. These clamps come in different shapes with either a curved or a straight end, and the black ones are oxidized, so they won’t rust in saltwater. Everyone needs to have a pair of clamps in their inventory so you do a lot less harm to the fish.


A scale is something you will really never think about until you land a monster of a fish, and wish you had one. I have had a few different scales over the years, but I am really excited about the FishFun Portable Digital Scale. It is a scale and a tape measure in one, so you don’t have to worry about carrying both, and it folds up nicely so the hook and handle won’t take up extra room. This thing is extremely rugged and is super easy to use. I highly recommend you having one of these in your gearbox.


Everyone should have a fishing net when they go fishing because you never know if you are going to be in a place where you can reach down and pull out a fish from the water, especially if you don’t want to get wet. The BLISSWILL Fish Net is one of the best in my opinion. I love how strong it is and how it collapses, so I am not lugging around a huge net and getting it caught on bushes and tree branches. This net is nonabsorbent so it won’t get heavier when you use it, and also holds up to 44 pounds.

Tools for fishing

Tools of the trade

When it comes to fishing tools, you really don’t need to have a whole toolbox of stuff to have a good time, but the five items I just showed you are a must-have just in case. These tools will save you a lot of time and headache when you get out there, and will also save fish from getting injured. Keep these five tools in your tackle box, and I guarantee that at least 90% of the problems you run into will be easily solved.