Recommended Rod Storage

Horizontal fishing rod holder

When it comes to fishing rods, its best to store them in a safe place. When you spend all that money on rods, the last thing you want is to get one caught in a garage door, or all of them leaned up in one big pile where all the line is getting tangled around each other. It is best to store your rods in a place where they can stand straight up, or hanging out of the way where they can be straight and not right next to another rod. Let’s face it, we have all been in a hurry and just put our rods in the corner of the garage after a day of fishing, only to find them all jumbled and in a mess the next time we want to go.

I am a pretty handy guy around the house, so at my last house, I went out to one of the big stores and bought wood and all the trimmings, and made a nice rod rack in my garage, but when I moved, I wanted something that I could buy and just screw to the wall, or leave standing in the corner of my garage. I have both a standing rack for rods I use all the time, and I have a hanging rack for a few of the rods I rarely take which helps me manage my collection.

It really comes down to how much room you have in your house/shed/garage for storage. Some people only have a small shed at their apartment or condo, while others have a one or two-car garage that may have more storage. No matter how much storage you have, the two racks I use take up very little space and will help you with keeping the budget down, and your rods up.


I tend to hang the rods I don’t use all the time because they can be harder to get out and put away since they are on the ceiling. Since I am not the tallest person in the world, I have to use a ladder. The Organized Fishing Camo is one that I have been using in my garage and works great. It doesn’t hang down very far, so you are not going to be hitting your rods with tools, and it will keep them nice and flat for you.
Here are a few reasons I love this rack:

  • It’s really easy to hang
  • Low profile so you won’t have rods hanging down
  • Keeps them nice and flat
  • Cheaper than building one

I like to keep my rods as flat as possible, and this rack really does a great job of keeping the tips of my rods from being broken off.


For the rods I use weekly (or maybe too much), I like to keep them where I can just grab and go. I am loving the Rush Creek Creations standing rack by Amazon, and have a dedicated corner right in the front of my garage for it.
Reasons I love this storage:

  • Takes up very little space
  • Soft rod clips, that don’t hurt the rod
  • Rotates so you can spin it to find the rod you want
  • Solid centerpiece so it won’t tip over

This rod holder is really awesome and is extremely sturdy. I have tried other rod holders that would fall over when I tried to get my rod out which was extremely frustrating. It really doesn’t take up that much room which is great and keeps my rods from getting jumbled up.

Vertical fishing rod holder
Why Not Build One

When looking for a solution with rod storage, I have even asked myself the question of, why not build one. I actually did build a nice one in a garage I had, and to tell you the truth, it can sometimes cost more money to build one than buying one. For a hanging solution, building one might be the best option for you depending on how fancy you want it to be. For me, I wanted both a standing and a hanging rod holder because I have several rods I don’t use a lot, so it made sense for me to hang those up.

Think about these things before you buy or build one:

  • Do you have the tools
  • Which will be more cost-effective
  • Do you want a fun project
  • Do you have the skill
  • Do you have the time

All in all, if you have the time, and are capable of making a rack yourself, do it! There are a bunch of plans out there on the old interwebs which will show you how to do it. Building mine was a fun project, but I wanted a little more than I was willing to build myself. Either way, as long as your rods are nice and straight, it doesn’t really matter.


Whether you build one or buy one, a rod rack is going to save you a ton of time and money on your rods. You really don’t want to get your rods tangled up in their own line because you could end up breaking off your setup or hurting the rod. Save some time and money and get something that will keep your rods separated, and straight, and you are going thank me for it in the long run.