Recommended Tackle Boxes

Clean fishing tackle box

A tacklebox is an essential part of the fishing game because it really does keep things clean and tidy. When you have tons of lures, hooks, weights, and more, you need someplace to store everything in its proper place. One of the main problems that surround trying to pick a tacklebox is finding the right one to fit all of your tackle! Of course, if you are like me and fish for lots of different types of fish, you know that just one tackle box isn’t going to do the trick. You might have small hooks and bait for trout, and then for bass, you may have different hooks and a bunch of worms and lures, so right there, I might already need two tackleboxes. Having more than one tackle box is fine, but you also want tools in your box, and either shifting tools around, or buying double sets of everything can be expensive, and waste a lot of time if you want to grab your gear and go on a moments notice.

I love the Lixada Tackle Backpack from Amazon. This tackle box has it all, and I am completely loving it because of all the features that this box provides. Tackle boxes come in all different shapes and sizes, and I have to say that this box has it all. I recommend this box for anyone that wants to keep all of their stuff in one place, and only have to switch out plastic boxes if you have a ton of gear.

Biggest reasons for choosing this box

– Backpack: This tackle box is actually a backpack, so it frees up an extra hand when trying to get to your fishing spot. Its also very comfortable when walking, so you aren’t trying to lug a 20-pound box around with one arm.

– Pouches: The Lixada comes with front and side zipper pouches that let you store a bunch of different stuff in segregated areas. You can have tools in one pouch, and weights in another, and you won’t have all your gear mixed up.

– Plastic Boxes: Instead of having a box that you open that has small compartments, this tackle box comes with several clear plastic boxes that allow you to keep different fishing tackle separate. You can have a box just for hooks, and a box just for trout lures. You can also have extra boxes for certain types of fishing and swap them out on the go. This is a lifesaver for me!

– Water-resistant pouch: I am loving the pouch on top that is water-resistant where I can store drinks or my license. having this extra compartment saves me from bringing a cooler full of water (or any other fishing beverage), so I am not trying to lug a tackle box and a cooler with me.

– Anti Scratch Bottom and Cover: This box features an anti-scratch bottom so no matter where you set it down, it is not going to get torn up and needs to be replaced every year, making it the most durable box I have ever used. One other special feature is the water-resistant cover, so if you do go out and an unexpected rainstorm comes, you aren’t going to get all of your gear waterlogged.

Clean tackle box with fishing rod and reel


There is now doubt that every angler needs something to carry their tackle in, there is just too much stuff out there to carry by hand. I love the idea of a backpack like a box that lets me store all my hooks and tackle into nice compartments for easy access and also so I am not poking myself! It also helps with storage that I have nice stackable plastic boxes to swap my trout, bass, and other tackle for whatever place I am going. Hands down this is the best gearbox I have seen in a while.