Recommended Tackle

Wall of fishing lures

With all the new tackle coming out every year, I thought I would take some time and put up some of the gear that I keep in my tackle box that seems to “work” for me. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no ONE end all be all tackle, and it really depends on the day, and what the fish are eating, and a lot of different reasons why a certain bait works, or doesn’t, so don’t get frustrated if you buy new bait and don’t catch a boatload of fish the first day you use it. Keep trying!

Since there are thousands of different products, and there is a lot I haven’t tried, feel free to post your favorite tackle in the comments, and I will try it out and put it up on this page for people to test out.

I have broken my tackle down into a few sections that I think most anglers use, and will probably end up putting a few more on here over time. So let’s get to it.


You cant catch a fish without a hook, and I have tried a ton of them like I am sure you all have. Right now for bass, I am really liking the Gamakatsu Split Shot/Drop Shot hooks, and have been very happy with them. I do a lot of drop shot fishing for bass, and these hooks are just awesome. For trout, I really like the Gamakatsu Circle Offset Point from Amazon. They come in a wide variety of sizes to choose from, so no matter what fish you want to catch, you will find the right size.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a hook:

  • Size: The size is going to depend on what type of fish you are going after. A bass might take a bigger hook than a trout would.
  • Bait: Depending on the bait, you may want a straight hook or a round hook. I nose hook worms and really like the circle hooks.
  • Point: The point of the hook is where the actual tip is, and sometimes you may want a barbed hook for nightcrawlers or just one barb on the tip.
  • Sharpness: It is VERY important to have a sharp hook so you don’t hurt the fish, so make sure you run the hook over your fingernail and make sure it sharp!
Spinner Baits

Spinnerbaits have been very popular and I love fishing with them. I normally look for sets of lures because they are normally cheaper than buying one at a time, and I recently found a couple that I really wanted to share. I have been loving the Hard Spinner lure Spinnerbait Kit for bass, and have actually had a lot of success with them. I really like the single hook design, and it also has a weed guard in case you are fishing some smaller ponds with lots of weed.

For trout and other small fish, I picked up the Dr.Fish Lures Kit from Amazon and really like it. There are so many to choose from that no matter what the fish are biting on that day, I have a spinner for it. The hooks are sharp and they aren’t super cheap.

Here are some things to look for in Spinnerbaits:

  • Hook Size: Make sure you get the right hook size for what you are wanting to catch.
  • Size: Depending on how deep the water is you are wanting to fish, watch the size of the actual spinnerbait so it is not hitting the bottom.
  • Color: Try and have a variety of different colors, in case the fish just aren’t biting one color, switch it up!

Spinnerbaits are awesome for all types of fish, and I recommend trying some if you haven’t used them before. Get a pack, or at least two or three so you can try different colors in case the fish just aren’t biting one.

Top Water and Crank Baits

Topwater lures and crankbaits can be some of the most fun lures to catch fish on. There is nothing like watching a big bass go after your topwater lure and making that big boil or splash on the surface when it attacks. I picked up the 30 Piece Fishing Lures set from Amazon and I am loving it. This is another lure that I like to buy in packs because you get a lot of different combinations for the money. I like to switch up my lures every 50 or so casts if I am not getting a bite, so this pack really helps with that.

Keep an eye out when using topwater lures, if the water is super choppy, you may want to switch up to something submersible until the water calms back down.

Things to look for in these lures:

  • Poppers or Torpedo: Different lures do different things, so make sure you read about what they are so you use the right technique.
  • Speed and Depth: Look at each of the different speeds and depths of different crankbaits, so you know where your lure will be in the water.
  • Sound: Some topwater and crankbait lures make sound, so always check that when looking at lures. Fish can hear and sense vibrations in the water.

Topwater and crankbaits are super fun to use, so try some different variations out and go for ones with and without sound. If you are looking for bass, in a nice small pond with reeds, check out mice and frogs too!

Trout and Bass Lures

When it comes to plain old lures, whether it be bigger bass or smaller fish like trout, I love Kastmaster lures. I picked up this pack of just regular gold and blue colored Kastmaster’s and they have served me well. I like the way they spin and flutter in the water, and have had a lot of success when it comes to catching lake trout.

Another lure that I really love is the Thomas Buoyant Spoon from Amazon. When I lived in a private community that had three lakes, I was turned onto this lure, and could not believe how many bass I caught with them. We also stocked with trout once a year, and they attacked these lures more than my Kastmaster. I highly recommend you add a couple of these to your tackle box, and try them out, you will love them too.

Bass Plastics

Ugh, where do I begin here? I have hundreds of packages of worms for bass. I have tried three-inch worms to thirteen-inch worms, brush hogs and so much more. A few I have found that has always done well for me is the Senko – Sougayilang Fishing Worms. I use these worms more when whacky rigging with little weight because they sink, and have caught some big bass with them. I am really loving the different colors of these worms and really like the watermelon and red.

If you are looking for a drop shot plastic, I have always loved PowerBait Power Worms from Amazon. I love the curly tail worms and go for a speckled watermelon color, but I would try a few different colors and sizes out. The smell of power bait also helps a little, so you get that extra attention from the bass.

When it comes to trout and other smaller fish I love this Berkley PowerBait Trout Pack. This pack has it all and hands down will save you some money when shopping for power bait. It comes with 10 jars of power bait, lures, worms and more. If you want to start out a trout collection, I highly recommend this pack. It will give you a huge jump start, and you don’t have to go buy it piece by piece.

Red fishing lure and feathers

When it comes to tackle, there are thousands and thousands of different brands and products, so many products, it would take me years to try every single one. Check out some of the baits and lures I suggested, and let me know if you try it out. If you have a favorite plastic or lure that you think I should put up here, please leave us a comment, and we will add it to our list. I tried to put up enough of each category, but not overwhelm everyone with how much tackle there really is out there. The best suggestion that I can make is never put all your eggs in one basket because fish are weird, and sometimes won’t bite a certain color one day, and if you caught fish with a certain color today, they might not bite it tomorrow, so have some variety!