What Is Moto Camping?

Camping is becoming more and more popular because it is a way to get out of the house, away from work, home, and just life stress. It is a fun way to get your family out of the house and away from video games to enjoy the outdoors and for everyone to relax and have fun. If you are single and have a motorcycle, moto camping might just be the thing you will want to try, as it combines motorcycle riding and camping on the same trip.

Moto camping stands for motorcycle camping and is when you take your motorcycle out on a camping trip. Moto camping is when you use your motorcycle as your primary vehicle when going out camping, and will become your home base.

After your camp is set up, you use your motorcycle out to see sights and go places around where you are staying instead of a car or rv. When you go moto camping, it is essential that you pack only what you need for your stay, and only what you can carry on your motorcycle. Specialized trailers can be bought that attach to the back of your motorcycle to help carry all your extra gear, and come in especially handy if you are not riding alone. Moto camping is becoming increasingly popular due to the money it can save you on gas, and allows you to set up camp quickly, so you can head out to see the nearby sights and attractions.

Can You Moto Camp In The Winter

Yes! You can moto camp in the wintertime, and for some places in California and other states, there are areas where it says warm enough not to need special clothing. For people that live in the mountains (like me), you might have to wear extra layers, or other items like warming gloves, or warming vests to keep you from getting too cold. Leather is a staple in motorcycle apparel because it cuts out all the wind, and will keep you extremely warm and dry on the road.

Can You Use Any Motorcycle

Yes! any motorcycle will work, even a scooter will do the trick if you have one. Moto camping only means that you have a motorcycle and want to get outdoors to enjoy camping. As motorcycle riding increases in popularity, more and more people have taken to getting on their bikes and heading out to the mountains for a relaxing ride, and a few days of camping to relax. It really does not matter if you have a Honda, Harley, or any other brand of motorcycle, if you can fit your gear on it, or attach saddlebags, or even a small trailer to it, you can moto camp. Even if you have a small bike, but can fit a couple of days worth of gear in a backpack, you can hit the road and go.

Do You Need A Motorcycle License

It is always good to check with your local DMV, but for most states, you will need your M1 (motorcycle endorsement), or at least a permit to ride to the campsite. You can use a permit if you are not going to be riding at night, or on freeways to get where you need to be at the campsite, but a motorcycle license is the best thing to have. I am not sure if mopeds or scooters require an M1, but I believe they do.

Where Do You Store All The Gear

There are a few ways that you can get gear on your bike. The first and most popular way is to get saddlebags to attach on the back of your bike. BMW, Harley, and Honda Goldwing motorcycles are the most common that can handle this. They range in price for leather, or hard plastic and work great for carrying all the gear you need. The second most popular is a hard shell that goes on the back of your back wheel fender.

These can be clipped on and do not make any modifications to your bike. The third way to carry gear is either a trailer or a sidecar for your bike. These can get pretty pricey, and do take some modification to your motorcycle, but can carry a lot more gear. People who are really into moto camping will generally get a custom-made trailer to tow behind your bike. It can take some getting used to, but it is really not that much harder to ride with it in tow.

Final Thoughts

As a motorcycle rider, I love the idea of picking up some gear and heading out to the mountains for a few-day camping trip. Motorcycles have always been popular for weekend trips on back roads and up the mountains, so being able to stay for the week(end) seems like a lot of fun. The only thing I worry about is taking enough gear and clothing for more than a weekend. Having a comfortable motorcycle will also help if you want to do any long-distance riding. There are people that have traveled all over the US and Europe with just their motorcycles and saddlebags, and I cannot wait to try it!

Related Questions

Do You Need A Motorcycle License For A Trike

Most states still do require full motorcycle licenses for three-wheeled bikes or “Trikes”, but there are some states like Colorado that do not require a full license anymore. Always check your state’s DMV for new laws and regulations for motorcycles and trikes. While trikes are much easier to ride and are more stable on the road, they still require more focus than driving a car, so be careful on the road. Also, check to make sure of the lane-splitting laws and how they impact three-wheeled vehicles.

Is It Safe To Carry Camping Gear On A Motorcycle

Yes, it is completely safe to carry camping gear on your motorcycle, as long as there is nothing dangerous sticking out. Make sure all sharp objects like knives, shovels, and other utensils are wrapped in something like a towel, or put into a case that cannot hurt you if you make a sudden stop, or something worse happens. Safety is always first when it comes to motorcycles, so make sure you have the proper gear.