Why Is Fishing Fun?

In the everyday hustle and bustle of the world that can be stressful, irritating, and down right exhausting, you need to have some sort of outlet to get away from the world. Kids on video games, working 10 or more hours a day, and commuting in bumper to bumper traffic can make someone want to scream. So what can you do to get away for a day, or only a few hours if that’s all you have. How can you tear your kids away from video games to enjoy some much needed time outside in the sun. Fishing has always been my families escape from the concrete jungle because it is so fun.

So why is fishing fun? Fishing is fun because it gets you outdoors and away from your day to day routine which can become boring and depressing. You can head out to your favorite lake, stream or river, and instantly feel relaxed because you do not have to worry about anything but being in that moment. Your kids can get away and have a space where they can just be kids without a headset, Xbox, and they even put down their phones. Fishing is fun because you can take time to make memories with your friends and family, and just get away from your everyday life.

Friends And Family

Taking a fishing day is a great way to get back together with family and friends you just might not have time for in your normal life. I get it, we all have jobs, and kids, and school, and chores, and the list goes on and on. Most people try to text or call their friends and family once a week, but fishing is a great opportunity to go out and spend time with them face to face, reminiscing about old stories, finding out how their lives are, and really just getting to be around them which will instantly make you feel better. Even if you cannot see them all the time, try to setup a day fishing trip, or a fishing weekend to really get back in touch.

Is It Relaxing Too?

Fishing is not just fun, it can be relaxing as well. You can throw your pole in the water, and just sit back and wait for a fish to bite. You can read a book, or play a game with your kids until you get a fish on. Sit back with your favorite beverage, and just enjoy the sun and the outdoors, and you forget all about the normal stuff you have to do.

family fishing off on wooden deck

Relaxing, and not having to worry about anything is the cure for anyone that has got a lot on their plate. Fishing is so relaxing because you can literally do whatever you want while you wait, and you can actually feel the stress just dissolve away from you.

Fishing For Food

This is the only time that fishing can be a bit nerve racking. When you fish for food, you are fishing to keep yourself alive, so it can be somewhat stressful. The longer you sit out there and do not catch anything, the more your stress levels will rise. If this is the case for you, fishing can still be fun, but it might not be as relaxing as you want it to be. Of course, once you catch the fish you need to survive, the rest of the fishing trip is all good. Try to keep an open mind, even when you are fishing to survive that you are out in nature, and away from everyday life. If you do this, your fishing trip will be a lot less stressful.

Catch And Release

Hopefully, when you do go fishing to have fun and relax, you are fishing for catch and release. This is where you catch fish and throw them back instead of keeping them. If you already have a freezer full of fish, or you just like to catch them and not eat them, this is the most fun and relaxing fishing you can do.

You are not going to be worried about landing enough fish to feed your family, so if you only catch one or two, you still had a nice relaxing day at the lake with your friends and family. Catch and release also means that it really doesn’t matter how many, or how big of fish you catch, but more about the enjoyment of just being able to be out there fishing.

You Can Do Other Things

There is no rulebook that says you have to stay right next to your rod while you are fishing. There are tons of rod holders, bells, and bobbers that really can help you see when you have landed a fish. This gives you freedom to have conversations with friends and family, or play with your dog.

You can build forts or sandcastles with your kids, and even have a nice lunch down by the water. You can even bbq while you are fishing. Just make sure to have someone watch the grill if you land a fish so you don’t burn anything. You can read a book or listen to music, there are so many things to do while you are fishing, that is why I love going so much.

Get Your Mind Off Work, And Stress

Fishing is a great way to get your mind off of work, and life stress. When you first get out there and get setup, you might be thinking about other things you have to do, but soon after, you will only be thinking about where to cast your line, and where the fish might be, or just how awesome the view is. Next thing you know, it will be 2 or 3 o’clock, and you will wonder where the day has even gone. Fishing is a great way to get your mind off of work, and into something fun.

Enjoy The Fresh Air

Take time to smell the roses, and the air! Get out to the lake, and close your eyes, and take a minute for some slow deep breaths. Enjoy the fresh air and sun on your face, it really will make a difference in your day. Remember, fishing is not always a race to see how many fish you can land, it is also about how much fun you can have, and who you are spending your time with.

on the boat fishing

If you are a hardcore angler, and trophy fish are all you long for, take a trip out just to enjoy why you got into the sport. I guarantee you were not landing huge fish the first several times you were out. Take the time to smell the roses, and be thankful that you are out there.

The Excitement Of Landing That Fish!

Fishing is fun, relaxing, but it can also be exciting! When you land a fish, especially a big one, the thrill of the catch can be unreal. Anyone that says catching a fish is boring, is a flat out the lying to you. you don’t know if the fish is going to jump and shake the hook, or pull so hard it breaks your line. The actual excitement of bringing that fish to shore and showing all of your friends is thrilling, and exciting. Kids love catching a fish, and can make their whole trip.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, fishing is one of best things my family and friends do together for fun and relaxation to get away from our concrete jungle. A day out fishing for me is not always about catching fish, its about hanging out, conversations, grilling hot dogs, and watching my kids splashing around in the water. Fishing is fun for all ages, not just for adults, and does not have to be all about watching your rod for a fish to bite. Take a day and go to the lake with yourself, or take your friends and family, and I promise you will have tons of fun.

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